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Asymmetric Cargo Shorts

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For this project I decided to tackle a long ridiculed symbol of grandpawear: cargo shorts. Slim-fitting cargo-anything is difficult to find in the men’s designer space. Undercover has some interesting old pieces and Julius has a famous line of cargos but beyond that there’s hardly anything. Anyway, those are out of the question, I've got to move the price point from $800 to $20.

$4.99 Fieldmaster Goin' fly-fishing with pop-pop Shorts
$5.99 Cartini Corduroy Pants
$4.99 Dockers Wide-Leg Cargo Pants

Reeled in a good haul with complementary colors from the Shoreline, WA Goodwill.

Total Expenses: $15.97

The Project

Final Design: Tapered Asymmetric Cargo Shorts

The thighs had to be taken in a few inches from the inseam which caused the legs to billow outwards just a bit. I made the large pocket Appliqué by seam ripping both pockets off the original shorts and mounting them on the corduroy harvested from the Cartini pants. It was fairly tedious mounting the whole thing with the newly tapered pant leg; there was scarce room to maneuver the piece under the machine’s foot so I doubled down on pins to keep everything tightly coupled. The space between the appliqué and original shorts actually functions as a pocket although I’d be hard pressed to find a use for it.

Appliqué Pocket
Back design with corduroy eyebrows
Other pocket used as a smaller Appliqué

I don’t know many hard rules about clothing construction but I was still able to infer a lot of next steps by looking at garments that I already own. The construction isn’t high quality but it’ll last a few washes at least. If it comes loose from wear and wash I'll know how to fix it, anyway.

Gus ~ 5/1/2016