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Block Jumper

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This is my first real project so I’ve got a very simple plan in order. I want to create a simple geometric appliqué from two thick cotton sweaters. Hanes makes decent quality cotton for the price and the fit on a small sweater is great everywhere except the sleeves. I want to say that I took a bit of confidence in the design from Junya pieces featuring random fabric patches on an otherwise normal design.

$4.99 Revzrie ∞ Navy Jumper
$1.99 Hanes Black Jumper

We've got a standard black sweater and another sweater that I'd file among the abyssmal swamp of Seattle pride brands that emerged as an outgrowth of the Macklemore "My City's Filthy" popularity. Seattle's been in a mad grab for tokens of regional identity (population boom?) ever since then. That's neither here nor there, though. I got the sweater because it was a nice dark navy color.

Total Expenses: $7.98

The Project

Final Design: Block Patch Jumper

The stitching is practically invisible being so deeply inset on dark fabric so whatever mistakes I made are mostly masked. I chose unfinished edges on the inlays deliberately to show a bit of flare in the outline. The backing for the main block is just the same cotton cutout flipped upside down with the original wrong side showing. The colors are pretty much indistinguishable in bad light but you can still see the simple detailing. Tailoring the sleeves was surprisingly simple, The thick cotton has a lot of give to it. If you’re just starting out, tailoring sleeves in from the armpit seam is a pretty low risk way to gain confidence at the machine.

Gus ~ 4/25/2016