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Corduroy Thigh Pockets

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I spotted these interesting pants pants in a Japanese outdoorsy lookbook magazine and thought they might be fun to rip-off. I can't say the same about that front-facing papoose thing.

$7.99 Banana Republic Cords
$6.99 Women's Eddie Bauer Cords
$0.02 Pre-Cut Quilt Square

I got the quilting fabric along with a couple shopping bags full of other patterned odds and ends at a scrap sale here. I paid exactly $1.00 for everything and came away with a haul of project ideas. I'd highly reccomend scouting events like this out.

Total Expenses: $15.00

The Project

I used every inch of the blue pattern when mounting the pockets. The overlay corduroy was harvested from the Eddie Bauer pants and has much more stretch than the pants it's mounted on. I hope that doesn't become an issue in the wash. Maneuvering the corduroy piece without it becoming misaligned or sewing over the inner pocket was a pain in the ass and took a lot of patience.

You can see hand-sewn triangles on the edges of the mounted corduroy where the machine could not quite reach. This is definitely my most technical project to date; I'm really happy with the way it's turned out.