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Two-tone Polo

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The simple concept here is to take a cheap polo and extend the arms down to just below the elbow. This is my first attempt at working properly with an annoying knit fabric.

$5.99 F├╝rstenberg Vintage Polo
$4.99 H&M Polo

These two polos were found adjacent to each other on the rack, both too small.

Total Expenses: $10.98

The Project

I had to expand out the midsection with a vertical stripe along the side seam to avoid lookng like a pressed sausage. That piece comes to a point just under the armpit where the sleeve is attached. The arms were sewn in right over the elstic band with a double-headed needle for stretch. I couldn't come up with a clever way to hide this seam without destroying the shirt. It doesn't look great but it's something only I would notice. Overall I'm happy with the design, I'll have to pray the stitching holds up.

Gus ~ 7/13/2016