FMP A moonbase tower defense game

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How to play


You, the Russian cosmonaut, must leave the moonbase by running around collecting enough moonrocket fuel (50 or more of the red/green drops). Watch out, the Russian moonzombies are also trying to leave the moonbase, but they don't understand the point of rocket ships, so they'll end up punching it until it explodes.



There are four buildable towers:

Pile O'Trash
This space trash has high defense and serves as a great distraction for the zombies from your zappy cannons
Zappy Cannon
This nuclear powered laser cannon shoots lasers and zombies because that's it's job. Very low defense.
Neutron Bomb
Also known as the "capitalist bomb", it has a short fuse and kills a lot of zombies around it.
Kaboom and all the zombies die.