Gus Glover
Gus Hello, I'm Gus.
I live and study in Seattle, WA.
Here's my site; I hope you like it.

Enjoy yourself.
Ear traner demo screenshot

YouTube Ear Trainer

I tacked controls and a metronome on the YouTube iFrame API to try to solve something that's been frustrating for me.

Pokemon visualization demo screenshot

Pokemon Visualizer

This is a color visualizer for Pokemon sprites. It's supposed to be used to inspire color schemes for projects. Basically, I wanted to make something with cool colors; expectations were met.

Tower defense game demo screenshot

Collab-Sequencer ALPHA

A multiplayer beatpad with an embedded chat, more of an experiment than anything. We're still looking for new sounds and instruments / polishing a few things up. This is a Node app with support from, Backbone and a flat file database.

Tower defense game demo screenshot

Code Day Seattle: Winter 2012

Here's a fun little tower defense game involving cosmonauts and space zombies. It's not quite finished but it turned out great for the 24 hours we put into it. It ended up being a fun foray into ImpactJS. My team won first place out of 27 groups.


  • Working on B.S. in Computer Science
  • 3.68 cumulative GPA
  • Dean's List every quarter enrolled


  • Rewrite of Rails backend for mobile magazine application.
  • Integrated content hubs into iAd banners for dynamic content.
  • UI redesign for creating and editing data visualizations.
  • Extensive front-end work with large-scale Javascript application.
  • Improved page load times and implemented responsive, live reloads of data visualizations.
  • Worked in a lab producing air-monitoring devices.
  • Assembled devices at residential sites in South Seattle.

Class Experience

CSE 311, CSE 312
Discrete mathmatics
CSE 331
Software engineering techniques
CSE 332
Data structures and algorithms
CSE 341
Programming languages
CSE 344
CSE 451
Operating Systems
INFO 424
Data visualization


Javascript, Ruby, Java
JQuery, Backbone, Underscore, Rails, Express
Git, Photoshop, Illustrator